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FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {2014 Holiday Mini Sessions} Houston, Texas family photographer; Kingwood, Texas family photographer; Christmas pictures; Holiday pictures; Kingwood Photographer; Houston Photographer; The Woodlands Photographer

It’s time.

When you see the date and type of session that works for your family, please email LMoore@fabulousoccasions.com with your request and we will send you locations and available times.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.  (with the exception of the Halloween and Gift Card Drive – these do not require deposits)  This deposit can be applied to other sessions in the chance that something comes up and you must reschedule.

Sessions will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are very limited, so please send your email as soon as you are ready to book.

If you do not see a date that accommodates your family, please email Lindsay and it is possible we can find other dates.

A limited number of full sessions are also available to book at this time.

The exclusive shoot for December will be announced at a later date.  Anyone booking a mini session will get a Fast Fabulous Pass to the head of the line for booking this shoot as well as  a discounted rate.

I’ll look forward to seeing your family this holiday season!

Peace, Love and Fabulous


FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {writer’s block} ; Houston, Texas photographer; Kingwood, Texas photographer; Family photography; Children’s photographer; Holiday family pictures

Blank screen.


Fill up coffee again.


Pull up Itunes.  Search for The Killers.  Press Play.


Fill up coffee again.


Dance around with this little guy… to pretty fabulous music.

After pulling that picture look through rest of folder…

Daydream about being back there…

With those people…

Favorite song comes on.  Coffee tastes better.  Everything looks better.  But still -


I’m normally not a “at a loss for words” kinda gal.  But today for some reason I just can’t find the words.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Silence can be really nice.  But then I am reminded of why I opened this up to write something today.

I open my blog every time I open safari.  It is my home.  One would think by that logic that I would be reminded of how little I actually blog.  And I am.  But somehow that reminder doesn’t serve as inspiration to actually blog.

However it is a great spot to jump on and post a couple of times a year.  To announce dates and to just say “hi”.


It is now up to the fabulous land of facebook to deliver this “hi” to everyone.  Sadly, only a few will see it that way.  Maybe I will be surprised – come on facebook, surprise me!  :)

I had my first of many conversations about Christmas yesterday…  the holidays are upon us…

Am I the only one that is totally stressed out by this?!?

I am finalizing all dates for the fall and will have it all announced by tomorrow.  Lots of old favorites and some new ideas that I am excited about.

So if you want to be the first to know please sign up HERE for the newsletter.  I will send that out first, then on here and social media.

{see what I just did?!?!?  I can potentially say hi and post fall dates within 2 days.  I have met my blog quota.  Now everything else will be total bonus!!!}  ;)

Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY {Is anybody out there…} Beach photographer; Rosemary beach; Watercolor; Alys beach; Seaside, Florida; Watercolor beach pictures; Rosemary beach pictures; Alys beach pictures; Seaside beach pictures

I have never proven myself to be great at a blog.  Not too great with Facebook either.  Instagram – pretty good at that – but not great.  I have a twitter but fogot my login info.


:)  But that’s ok!  I just have to hope that when I do actually get the time in between running this business and running after my 5 children that someone will be out there to read it all….  soooooooo is anybody out there!?!?!?  I hope so :)

We went to Watercolor in Florida this past summer and fell in love with all of 30A.  It is the most beautiful area and we are so excited to be headed back again this summer.  I have decided to open up a few appointment slots while we are there.  We will be there for the week of August 9-16.  If this happens to fall at the same time as when you might be there and you are interested in pictures, or if you will be there right before or right after, email me at Moorefabulousoccasions@yahoo.com for more information!

Rosemary beach, Alys beach and really the entire Seaside beach area are so picturesque by themselves – but add your family in and the outcome is fabulous.  I hope I will get to see some of you there – for now I will share some of my own babies (that I realize are not such babies anymore) at the beach, one of our very favorite, if not THE favorite places to be.  :)

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {It’s FALL y’all!} Holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas children’s photographer; Houston, Texas photographer; Holiday portraits

It is that time of year AGAIN!  I think it gets here faster and faster each year.  And each year it gets better and better.  ;)

So some really EXCITING new things are happening this fall.  One big fun surprise that if you have a full session or a mini session between now and right before Thanksgiving that you will be included in and then another big fun surprise that I will announce a bit later.  I know, I know, nothing like a little carrot to dangle to get you coming back.  ;)  I promise it is worth it!

I announced all dates, as promised, via newsletter first and there was a huge response.  If you are interested in booking a session I urge you to email me today to reserve your spot.  All sessions will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are very limited.  All session fees will be due on the day of your session.  If you do not see a date that works for your family, please email me at LMoore@fabulousoccasions.com and we can see if there are other times we can accomodate.  Full sessions are also available between now and November 19.

And just like last time if you would like to be entered to win a complimentary mini session just simply share the status on Facebook linking to this post.  :)  The winner will be announced in mid October.

I’m up to my ears in work right now so no time to do much more than share these times as well as maybe a recent favorite of a certain little RIDICULOUSLY cute baby (who happens to be mine) ;)

Peace, Love and Fabulous!

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {excitement…} Houston, Texas holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas holiday pictures; Equestrian pictures; Horse riding photography; Childrens photography; Kingwood, Texas child photographer; Houston, Texas child photographer

So I happen to have so many ideas swimming around in my head that I think it may POP!  I am so excited about this fall!  SO EXCITED!  So many new surprises and ideas and surprises and did I mention surprises?!  I CANNOT WAIT!  :)

A few things have to happen first though.

First thing – I have to tell you details and dates.

Second thing – you have to let me know you want in.

I am going to release the dates first to my newsletter subscriptions, then to facebook, then to my blog.  So if you want to be the first to know please sign up HERE right now for the newsletter.  If you already have signed up in the past no need to sign up again unless you have a new email address.  :)

I am waiting on a few details to be ironed out before I officially release the dates so you have a few days before the newsletter will go out.

AND I realize that it is September and that we just got back to school and no one wants to think about the holidays yet, but my friends we only have 12 weekends between now and Thanksgiving, and those weekends fill up FAST so let’s get your pictures on the books and taken care of so you don’t have to worry about when in the world you will fit them in!  Plus, remember I will be taking December off, so only appointments up until the end of November are available.

Also I will be giving away a free mini session to one fabulous person.  You can enter by going to my fabulous occasions facebook page and SHARE the post that links to this blog post.  Easy peasy.  :)

And how about I start to get caught up on some sharing on here?  Here are a few shots from a favorite session of mine from this past year.

And of course my favorite of the favorites…

Peace, Love and Fabulous, Friends!!

Lindsay ♥

F a c e b o o k