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  • by Lindsay
    Hard to imagine now but there was a time when it was just these two. The first set 😉 👫 #lifewithmoorekids
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FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {It’s FALL y’all!} Holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas children’s photographer; Houston, Texas photographer; Holiday portraits

It is that time of year AGAIN!  I think it gets here faster and faster each year.  And each year it gets better and better.  ;)

So some really EXCITING new things are happening this fall.  One big fun surprise that if you have a full session or a mini session between now and right before Thanksgiving that you will be included in and then another big fun surprise that I will announce a bit later.  I know, I know, nothing like a little carrot to dangle to get you coming back.  ;)  I promise it is worth it!

I announced all dates, as promised, via newsletter first and there was a huge response.  If you are interested in booking a session I urge you to email me today to reserve your spot.  All sessions will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are very limited.  All session fees will be due on the day of your session.  If you do not see a date that works for your family, please email me at LMoore@fabulousoccasions.com and we can see if there are other times we can accomodate.  Full sessions are also available between now and November 19.

And just like last time if you would like to be entered to win a complimentary mini session just simply share the status on Facebook linking to this post.  :)  The winner will be announced in mid October.

I’m up to my ears in work right now so no time to do much more than share these times as well as maybe a recent favorite of a certain little RIDICULOUSLY cute baby (who happens to be mine) ;)

Peace, Love and Fabulous!

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {excitement…} Houston, Texas holiday pictures; Kingwood, Texas holiday pictures; Equestrian pictures; Horse riding photography; Childrens photography; Kingwood, Texas child photographer; Houston, Texas child photographer

So I happen to have so many ideas swimming around in my head that I think it may POP!  I am so excited about this fall!  SO EXCITED!  So many new surprises and ideas and surprises and did I mention surprises?!  I CANNOT WAIT!  :)

A few things have to happen first though.

First thing – I have to tell you details and dates.

Second thing – you have to let me know you want in.

I am going to release the dates first to my newsletter subscriptions, then to facebook, then to my blog.  So if you want to be the first to know please sign up HERE right now for the newsletter.  If you already have signed up in the past no need to sign up again unless you have a new email address.  :)

I am waiting on a few details to be ironed out before I officially release the dates so you have a few days before the newsletter will go out.

AND I realize that it is September and that we just got back to school and no one wants to think about the holidays yet, but my friends we only have 12 weekends between now and Thanksgiving, and those weekends fill up FAST so let’s get your pictures on the books and taken care of so you don’t have to worry about when in the world you will fit them in!  Plus, remember I will be taking December off, so only appointments up until the end of November are available.

Also I will be giving away a free mini session to one fabulous person.  You can enter by going to my fabulous occasions facebook page and SHARE the post that links to this blog post.  Easy peasy.  :)

And how about I start to get caught up on some sharing on here?  Here are a few shots from a favorite session of mine from this past year.

And of course my favorite of the favorites…

Peace, Love and Fabulous, Friends!!

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {Let’s just call this, hello again…}



I am not too great at this bloggin stuff.  We have kinda proven that.  I can’t say I am that great with Facebook either.  I have a twitter but don’t even know my log in information.  I’m pretty good with Instagram.  I would say that considering I have 5 crazy busy kids and am fitting in photography as much as I can I will take those stats!  ;)

It’s time though.  Time to get geared up for the fall and get all the holiday stuff in order.  So to answer a few things right out of the gate, yes, I will be taking appointments this fall.  Yes, I will be offering a limited amount of mini sessions and yes, I want to see all of you.  :)  Due to some other projects I am taking on as well as weddings that are scheduled for the fall I will be very limited, so when the dates are announced I would suggest you jump on them.  I am planning on taking December off to get to play and bake cookies and enjoy the holidays with my family, so please keep that in mind when planning your holiday pictures.

I do not have all the details worked out just yet, but I will be launching the calendar with all the dates next week, so keep an eye out for that.

For now, I thought I would start back with a personal post to follow up on this post from last year about this time.  :)

How is it going?  It’s pretty amazing actually.  And when I say amazing you can follow that up with just about every descriptive word you can think of – some days (um most) it is amazingly exhausting.  Some days it is amazingly awesome – all ducks in a row, all kids happy, hubby happy, awesome.  And then you also have those amazingly bad days that just.  need.  to.  end.  Thankfully those don’t happen too often, but you know every day can’t be awesome, so yeah.

The outpouring of love that we received following Racer’s story was so wonderful.  Writing that post was probably the best thing I could have ever done.  It was so therapeutic.  I was so empowered going out into the world since I felt like I had told “the world”.  Again – could have been 2 people who read it – and both could have been my best friends – but the fact that it was out there was just powerful.

Now that baby boy is one.  Actually 13 months today!  We have gone through one very successful surgery and have another one scheduled in a month.  He amazes us daily with how he just DOES everything.  He will choose to use his left hand to pick up a cheerio and his right hand, his perfectly 5 fingered right hand, just sits there.  I will tell you all, there will be NOTHING this boy will not be able to do.

And that is just the physical side of it – his personality is crazy funny.  He is quite opinionated if I do say so myself.  If you are doing something he doesn’t like – um he lets you know.  He will in fact let everyone know.  If one of the kids wants to hold him and he doesn’t want that – he lets them know.  He has a spirit that will not be held back.  He is funny, smart, determined, and just about the cutest thing ever.  I think we can say without a doubt he is going to be fine.  ;)

And he is loved… did I mention that?!?  I haven’t seen anything like how much this baby is loved by his siblings.  His “ju-jus”.  For the most part my kids don’t fight – but they will fight over the baby.  He’s a lucky little dude.

In the past year, I have dealt with curious children and adults alike.  Some who were not so nice, but thankfully the number of those is very very very small.  I am oddly grateful to those people.  They are teaching me how to react and how to deal with them.  I figure I have a couple of years to get prepared so that when the time comes that I need to help him navigate any of his own issues with people that I will be ready beyond anything!

Curiosity is such a NORMAL thing.  And I am thrilled when I get questions – especially from kids.  It is so great to ask – to find out – instead of to stare or to assume.  I would hope that more parents would teach their children to ask as opposed to acting like things just don’t exist.  It often opens the door to make everyone more comfortable with the situation.  (and this goes for so much in life, right?)

Another great thing that has come out of all of this is that the children growing up in my house are learning to be even MORE compassionate and understanding, more accepting, than ever they were before.  And honestly they always were in varying degrees, but even more so now.  I love that.

For months following his birth his hand difference was something that consumed my thoughts for most of my days.  I became just more aware of hands.  More aware of people around us and if they happened to be looking.  Not in a bad way, but just constantly aware of it.  Constantly in mama bear mode – I just wanted to protect him.  (totally natural, right?)  But I have to say that as of right now I may think of it a couple of times a day.  Sometimes not at all.  It is just normal.  I am grateful for that.

I am grateful that we have the opportunity in life to not let something that is different about us, or our children, define who we are.  We are all different and I embrace that wholeheartedly.  Some differences we see, others we do not.  I love that I have gotten to the point that I can truly, madly and deeply focus on him and who HE is and not have a little limb difference be what defines him.

We will enter some new territory before long…

Soon I will be putting him in a music class.  He LOVES music.  I have always loved music classes for my babies and I cannot wait to expose him to so many great things.  But honestly, I am also nervous.  We have stayed pretty well in our bubble.  He is surrounded by kids who love him, both friends and family.  To think about walking into a room of moms and babies – probably most first time moms – is totally making me nervous.  I know that once I get into it I will be fine, but it is just the first time to have him in a situation like that and well, it is enough to make my stomach drop.

Totally normal, right?  Yes, totally normal.

But that’s just it – this will be our normal for any time there is a “first day”.

As I sent all my other kids off for their first day of school there were so many mixed emotions.  It is certainly time to have a routine back, that is for sure.  They need to go learn, and have structure, and I need some time to write blog posts (haha!).  But I also hate sending them off.  I miss them.  Yes I am one of THOSE.  I actually enjoy having them around for the summer.  I like hearing all the hustle and bustle of the house when they are all home.  BUT I also know that if I heard it 365 days a year I would go crazy and nobody needs that.  ;)

So imagine the worry that all parents have, or at least most, on the first day when you send your kids off – are they going to make new friends?  Are they going to deal with bullies?  Are they happy?  Is their teacher loving?  Now add to that knowing that you are sending a child with something that is different about them that is noticeable and ask those questions again.  Kinda scary.

But in the end I know these things to be true…

I cannot control what others think, what others feel, or what others do.

So I have no choice, you see, but to raise 5 of the most confident, caring kids that I can.  Because, really, I do not have time to sit at home and worry all day long.  ;)

There it is.  I will always have those moments where my stomach will drop.  I will always worry when my kids are away from me.  But honestly, I have to make a conscious decision for it not to consume me.  I have to trust in the people that they are.  I have to trust in the world around them.  And I have to recognize that those same people that have said not so nice things to me are all around, and just as they have taught me wonderful lessons, they will do the same for my children.

And now, since this is actually a PHOTOGRAPHY blog – how about I share some pictures?!?!  Here are some of the things we have been up to lately!!!!

And they are out of order and I have no time to figure out how to fix it – so – yeah…

We’ve gone sailing in some pretty flowers..

Put a baby in them too…

We have snuggled

And watched sunrises on the beach

We have played

And gone to the beach…  a lot

We have laughed

We have celebrated birthdays!  Like a certain one year olds…

We have had cake…

and sno cones…

and gone back to the beach

They love each other

Have I mentioned the beach?  And that handsome fella that snuck in there is my nephew.  ;)

We have travelled to beautiful spots together

And played in the clouds

We have been in a swing for the first time

And we have danced… a lot

We have gone back to school… first day of high school to be exact!

And the first day of middle school… and the first day for another year in elementary and then the first day of being with just mommy for the little baby boy

We have swam… and swam… and laughed some more

Have I mentioned the beach?

We have run for mayor… and been elected mayor :)

We have lived… and LOVED

If you have made it through that craziness, bless you.  If you just skipped it and looked at the pictures, I don’t blame you.  ;)  Thank you for letting me share.  :)

I’ll be back with all the dates that you need next week.  Until then…

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {Fabulous FUNdamentals} Photography workshops for beginners

The first, and possibly only FUNdamentals class for 2013 is this coming Sunday, January 13th in Kingwood.  I do not have any more currently on my schedule at this time.  I happen to have 2 spots open in case anyone wants to join us!  The cost is $250 and it will be from 830-330.  To find out more details check out these blog posts below….



I would love to see you there!!!!  :)

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {A new definition of perfect…} Houston, Texas photographer

First of all – Happy New Year FABULOUS friends!

2013… sounds spacey.  Like I am somewhat disappointed that I am not like Jane Jetson and can jump in and get my hair changed and all done up with the press of a button.  Would make things a bit easier for sure ;)  But goodness how grateful I am that we are here.

In this moment.

Thankful.  Grateful.  Humbled.

I have so many “business” posts coming.  Workshop info, Valentine’s day info, End of year stuff, session upon session to share.  But for now, if you will, allow me to take a moment to share a more personal post with you.

2012 brought with it many things for my small world.  I believe that we will fondly recall 2012 as the “year of Racer Lee“.  It was now almost a year ago that we found out he was on his way.  And it was just 5 short months ago that he totally redefined life for me when he made his incredibly GRAND entrance, 6 weeks early.  He started teaching me lessons before I even had him in my arms.  Lessons that I desperately needed to learn.  Like no matter how much I plan things in my life that sometimes life has its’ own plan for me.  He taught me to slow down, or at least is attempting to.

You would think that fifth baby – he is going to be the most “go with the flow” of the bunch – and he is, don’t get me wrong.  I cannot say enough about how amazing of a baby he is.  But he can be quite opinionated at times.  Like when he wants to lie down.  In a bed.  With me.  I’m paying attention.  He wants me to pay attention.  I am forever grateful.

I have written and rewritten this blog post in my head so many times.  Should I write it?  Should I share it with the whole wide {web} world?  Ultimately I have decided it is time to share.  I have read so many blogs from mothers about their children, their obstacles, and just their life that were so inspiring to me.  Stories that allowed me to cry with them.  To laugh with them.  To learn through them.  Could it be possible that my own story could help someone out there?  I believe it could.

You see, Racer was born with something called symbrachydachtyly.  His left hand has only a thumb and 2 fingers, and a nubbin that would have been the other 2 fingers.  Think of doing “I Love You” in sign language and that is my babies hand.   {Pretty amazing, right?  To have your child always telling you and the world that they love them?}

The first hour was the scariest of my life.  Not only were we dealing with a preemie who they rushed off from me faster than I could have ever been prepared for, but now we were dealing with such a big unknown.  Did they miss something else?  Is he ok?  How could this happen?  So many questions with absolutely no answers for what seemed like an eternity.  Within an hour we had some answers.  It was just his hand.  Everything else looked fine.  He needed to be in the NICU, but that was to be expected with a 33 weeker.  He was perfect.

We spent the next few hours {and days} researching.  I learned more than I ever thought I would about hands.  There is nothing genetic about symbrachydachtyly.  It was nothing we did or didn’t do.  It is one of those things that just happens and no one knows why.  He will have to have at least 2 surgeries starting in March to separate his fingers as they are webbed, but after that he will not need anything else.

I remember having a moment of peace in the middle of the night.  We can do this.  He is going to be absolutely fine.  The focus then was on the four other precious babies that were waiting not so patiently to meet their new baby brother.  They came to the hospital that next day.  We told them all what was going on and what to expect before we headed to the NICU.  All of them were not even phased by our explanation to them.  They saw him and loved every little tiny inch of him.  Immediately.  They held both his hands.  They were so amazing.  It was then that it was confirmed.  He is going to be absolutely fine.  We are going to be fine.

Now we just had to focus on getting him out of the hospital.  Doing all the things that happen with preemies.  Get him off the oxygen.  Get him off the IVs.  Get him to eat.  Lose the NG tube.  Get him home.  It all happened when he was ready for it to.  Again, with his lessons for me.

Then the long explanations to people.  I felt like I needed to tell everyone in person.  I didn’t want for anyone to hear anything other than what I wanted them to hear.  I wanted them to know that we were ok.  I wanted them to hear it in the tone in my voice.  For some reason I only thought that this could come from us.

The first phone calls were the hardest.  How do you start that conversation?  They were some of the most important for me though.  Most of them I didn’t make it very far into it without tears.  I didn’t know what to say and add to that the fact I had just gone through a wrenching 2 week period in the hospital with so many unknowns – I was a wreck.  I was ok with what we were dealing with as far as his hand was concerned – well – as ok as I could be.

I am a very positive person, but let’s face it, no one can go through what we went through and not have moments of just pure confusion and heartbreak.  But ultimately when life gives you moments like these I firmly believe that so much of your experience is based on how you react.  There was no way I was going to let something like this take away the joy of this perfect, precious, little boy.

It didn’t take long before the conversations became rehearsed I felt.  I dreaded them.  Here I had this absolutely perfect, beautiful little boy that everyone wanted to just oogle over and I felt like I had to explain all about what was happening, because what if I didn’t explain – would they think I was hiding it?  This is when I made the best decision I could have.


You see, it wasn’t only hard on me when I had to tell people.  How does one react to this news?  I was taking for granted the fact that I had time to have dealt with what was now our normal, but to others this was all a shock.  I can only imagine that it wasn’t easy being on the other end of the phone.  Trying to be strong for me but yet being heartbroken at the same time.  Facebook allowed me to share and people to read and react in whatever way they needed to.

I was able to share with friends, family, colleagues, and the like about his hand… with about 300 characters.  To say that was freeing is an understatement.  To be able to walk into a place filled with people that hadn’t seen him yet but to not have to feel like I had to explain anything with my speech was so wonderful.  I felt like we could totally focus on how absolutely perfect he is.  And we did.

All of a sudden so many of my friends had stories for me.  Incredibly successful people they had known with something similar.  So many wonderful stories to hear.  And one of my dear friends sent me this…

“So yesterday I told my girls about Racer’s fingers. Their response was “that’s okay, he will still be able to do anything he wants”! So on we went with our day. Well, this morning I saw one of the girls with masking tape and didn’t think much of it. She then came out and asked me to throw a squishy ball to her, little did I know that she had her fingers taped so she could be like Racer and show me that he will still be able to catch a ball! Well there you have it, through the eyes of a 6 year old, he can do it all.”

My.  Heart.  Is.  Full.

Do I worry that he will face people in big and small form that will not think he is so perfect?  Yes.

Do I believe they will eat their own words after getting to know him?  Yes.

Do I worry that I might be too protective at times?  Yes.

Do I think he was born into the absolute PERFECT family for him?  Yes.

Do I believe that he is making me a better person?  Yes.

Why now am I choosing to share this?  Well, my beautiful, inspiring daughter said one simple thing to me that made every bell and whistle go off in my world.  We were taking pictures and I was arranging them all.  When asking Justin to hold his hand, Avery’s question in the most sweet, soft voice was “Why are you trying to hide his hand?  It is a part of him.”  I could have fallen over when she said that.

I haven’t posted pictures that showed his hand.  In my mind I was trying to protect him.  I hated the thought that someone would look at him with anything other than total adoration.  I did not want his hand, that I love with all of my being, to define him to someone else.  It is our normal.  But for it to be everyone else’s normal, I cannot hide it.  My precious daughter taught me a lesson that day that she will never know the value of.

This made me realize that it was time to share our story.  In some ways it is more freeing than ever.  Even if only 1 person reads this, I put it out there.  It is “live”.

So, you see, 2012 was by all means the “year of Racer Lee” in our house.  He is teaching us lessons we all need to learn.  Lessons about life, love and acceptance.

And we are all better because of it.

My thoughts moving forward for 2013…

To love more.  This covers the spectrum for me.  Family.  Friends.  Business.  It has been more evident than ever for me that I must love what I am doing.  If it feeds my soul then it will feed other people’s souls.  My business is centered around life and my own life needs for me to hone in on what speaks to me the most.  It is not an easy clear cut answer for me, but it is a question that I am embracing.  The answer will allow me to love even more.  It is time to focus on what I love.

To live in the moment a bit more.  This is on everyone’s list, right?  I don’t expect to be living in the moment every minute of every day.  I mean, who wants to relish washing dirty dishes or packing four lunches 5 nights a week?!?  But I want to more than I am now.  I am taking on a 365 challenge to help with this.  One of those picture a day sort of things, but incorporating my JOY project that I had started before.  If you want to follow along, comment below.  I would love to follow you as well.  I may post some here, some on instagram,  follow me @fabulousoccasions …. who knows.  But I am going to do it.  I am 3 days in.  (I haven’t posted them yet but have taken them!  HA!)  Join me.

To actually learn from 2012.  To take these lessons that I have been taught and actually LEARN from them.  To incorporate them into our lives.  To love.  To live.  To slow down.

Jeremy put it so wisely when he said  ”Each year, whatever our other resolutions about weight, money, love, or anything else, we get the same opportunity to promise to ourselves and others to be wiser, gentler, more humane, more effective. Or simply, better.”

I want to be better.

I thank every person that has walked through my door, both in 2012 and for all the years prior to that.  For welcoming me into your lives.  For coming in as a client and leaving as a friend.  My world is so much fuller because of you.

My wish for all of you in this new year is that love fill your hearts, laughter fill your homes and peace overwhelmingly fill your souls.

Happy 2013, my friends!

These 5 people, and their amazing daddy, are my life.  And I truly believe that no matter where I am, as long as I am with them, I am home.

And one of my new all time favorite pictures of my little guy.  Avery took this quick snap over Christmas and it makes my heart just SWOON!

And lastly, a few of the inspiring people I have found along my journey…

Tara Whitney

Meg Zucker

Tony Memmel – his mother Katie Memmel is the author of Five Fingers Ten Toes – a book that had many “aha” moments in it for me

The Lucky Fin Project

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

F a c e b o o k