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FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {Feeling Fabulous} Houston, Texas photographer; Kingwood, Texas photographer; Holiday pictures; Child Photographer; Family photographer; Holiday Mini Sessions; Atascocita Photographer

It is NOVEMBER!  WOOHOOO!!!  We are in full swing over here for the holidays and I have to say that it has been so wonderful to see so many familiar faces as well as so many new faces!

As promised, I am adding two more special dates to my holiday line up!  In the true spirit of giving, I must bring back the Holiday Gift Card drive!  I will be donating all money for gift cards to the L3 foundation.  If you are not familiar, please look at their website. This is a foundation that is near and dear to my heart and they are doing incredible things!  ALSO!  If you are in Kingwood on Thanksgiving – come run with us!!!  My family will all be there!

I have two dates, with two different themes that we will be doing.  Both are geared toward children, so please keep that in mind.

With the rainy fall that has been promised to us, I have decided to do both of these in the studio to lessen the risk of having to reschedule.

The first date is Tuesday, November 24th.  Humble ISD is off for the week of Thanksgiving, so let’s get some pictures done!  ;)

The second date is Saturday, December 12th.  Yes, you will have your pictures back almost immediately ;)  So for those of you that don’t have everything together right now and need a little more time, this one is for you!

Here are the details -

Nov 24th – “Lights, Ornaments, Candy Canes, Oh My!”  - no further description needed ;) ANY clothing will do!  Pjs, dressy, casual, hats and scarves – you name it, it will work!

Dec 12th – “Cozy Nights” – think smores by the “fire”, cozy winter nights – clothing suggestions would be hats, scarves, bundled up jackets, sweaters, even PJS – I will have hats and scarves on hand as well for almost every size of child you could bring LOL

BOTH DATES – $175 total {includes donation for gift cards} – what do you get?  15 minute FUN session, edited digital images, 4×6 printed proofs! PLUS you get to feel super fabulous because you not only got pictures of your kiddos done, but you are also giving something awesome to another precious kiddo!

I have limited times for both dates, so if you would like a time, please email me at FabulousLinds@gmail.com

And for all other dates please look HERE!  Some are already passed, some are completely full.  If none of these dates work for you just message me – we can always get creative.  I love getting creative :)

P.S. – if you comment on the facebook post that announces this blog post you will be entered into the contest to win a 20×24 metallic print from your session!  If you already entered by commenting on the September 18th post you can double your chances.  Winner will be drawn the week of Thanksgiving.  :)

Need a picture to get you in the holiday spirit?  Here you go :)

Peace, Love and Fabulous ♥


FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {the coffee is strong…} Kingwood, Texas photographer; Houston, Texas photographer; Holiday Mini Sessions; Children’s photographer; Family photographer; Christmas photographer; Holiday pictures; Christmas pictures

I will skip the standard – yeah it’s been a while.

I wasn’t going to even blog all of this.

But there is too much to communicate.

So this is easy.


And I am hyped up on coffee – so ready, set, GO!

Hi!  How are ya?  Time to get your calendars out and figure out when we can meet up for some fabulous photos!!!!

It’s taken me a while to get this all mapped out but it’s pretty well done with the exception of some surprise stuff that I will announce later.  This is enough for now…

For those of you with not a lot of time here are quick dates and details real quick – {for those of you that want a chance to win a 20×24 metallic print from your upcoming session read all the way to the end} ;)

***for every one of these sessions this fall this is what is included in price listed -session fee, edited digital images (number will vary depending on session type), 4×6 proof package (all of your edited pictures printed as 4×6)***


Sunday October 18th – Pumpkin Minis!    $250, 15 minutes, pumpkin patch

Saturday October 24th – Dance/Senior/Family Minis!   $595, 90 minutes, hair and makeup included, FABULOUS new downtown location

Sunday October 25th – Halloween Minis!   $50 per child + 5 canned food goods for HAAM, 10 minutes, studio session

November 1st – Downtown Htown!    $550, 40 minutes, downtown Houston

November 7th, 8th – Beach/Pleasure Pier!   $595, 45 minutes, Galveston

November 21st, 29th – Christmas Card Minis!    $250, 15 minutes, 2 popular location options in Kingwood

December 6th – Christmas Tree Farn!   $550, 30 minutes, tree farm in Spring

December 7-17th – Tree Sessions in your home!   $350, 30 minutes, some dates not available during this date range, 2 sessions only per day

December 19th – Last minute! Minis {location TBA}    $575, 30 minutes

***Also new this year I will be accepting a limited number of Christmas card orders.  All card orders must be done by December 15th so please plan your session accordingly.***

Now!  For some explanation for those of you who have time to read a bit more :)

You may notice pricing is a little bit more – the reason is because you will have printed proofs included with your session.

I am including printed proofs with every session this fall because of 2 simple facts…

1. This is the most photographed generation in history

2. Hardly anyone is printing those photographs anymore

So I have decided to help you out a bit.  Digital media fails my friends, and when it does there are many tears shed.  Print those pictures!  :)  It’s a sad thought to think that they are the most photographed generation but there will not be many pictures at all just 10 years ago from now because of digital media failing and technology changing so quickly!

They will all be printed as 4×6 images – you can keep them or give them as a gift!  Grandparents will thank me {and you}  :)

I will be announcing two more special sessions after I get a few details worked out.  They will be announced via the newsletter first – if you want to be in the know sign up HERE ;)

If you have a specific request and you don’t see what you are wanting – EMAIL me!  I am still doing full sessions, and also will schedule mini sessions on alternate dates as the need presents itself.  :)  FabulousLinds@gmail.com

Now how about some pictures to illustrate these fabulous dates?  :) :) :)






















I truly hope to see you soon!  Until then…

Peace, Love and Fabulous ♥


P.S. Some lucky winner will get a chance to win a 20×24 metallic print from their session!  All you have to do is comment on the post that announces the holiday sessions on the Fabulous Occasions Facebook page when it goes live this evening, September 18th.  Each person who comments will be entered in a random draw to win!  :)

P.P.S. if you are an instagram lover follow me @fabulousoccasions for behind the scenes details this upcoming season as well as all of the craziness that happens around here as we live #lifewithmoorekids   Like, you might have seen that we added a new addition to our family here recently….

Meet Miss Kerbey Lane :)  {and before you ask, she is a labradoodle and the sweetest ever!!!}

FABULOUS OCCASIONS: {buried treasure}

The images that exist on my hard drives that have never been seen is a ridiculous number – for multiple reasons like…

a) I do not have time to look through all of my personal images

b) I do not have time to edit said personal images the way I would love to

c) repeat reason A and then B

There is good and bad to this – the bad is they are buried – that is obvious – the GOOD however is that when I do get a smidge of a chance to go dig I find buried treasure!

Here is a itty bitty peek into my bounty today…

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {a study of sessions…} Houston, Texas photographer; Kingwood, Texas photographer; Lifestyle photographer; Lifestyle photography

Since Facebook has changed it is not the same vehicle of delivery that it used to be for small business.  And especially for someone like – eh hem – me – who might not get a bunch of opportunity to post and then what I do post just falls into – well – a facebook black {or a blue haha} hole – I guess – I don’t really know where they go – but I know they are not getting to the people who “like” to see it all.  They don’t even go to my OWN newsfeed for goodness sakes.  Ha.  Funny stuff, Facebook…


Blogging it is.  :)

First thing I am going to dive into is something that has been in my brain for a while now.  Let’s call it a series on…

“What type of session is the right session for YOUR family right NOW?”

Let’s start with the first post in the series and we will begin what I will call lifestyle sessions, or “at-home sessions”

Now a few things go through people’s heads when this topic comes up.  Here are some of what I have heard and my responses…

“Oh my goodness – at MY house?!  No no no no no.  It is not clean enough or perfect enough for pictures.”

Sure it is.  Do not stress about this point.  You will see things that I will never even notice.  I have 5 kids and I have come to the realization that no matter how hard I try or how hard I work I will not have a perfect house.  And guess what?  A good photographer knows angles and can hide just about anything you want them to.

And you know what else?  I may not have a perfect house but I do have a REALLY fun house.

I have a house that I want for them to remember not for how every single thing had its’ place and was always in its’ place, but I want for them to remember the Just Dance Wii battles that went down, or the epic nerf gun fights that would happen with no notice.  I want for them to make memories in our home but I also want to remember them and to help them to never forget.

This is where a session in your home is perfect.  Pictures will never get more personal than those taken in your home.  It is your space and not only will you be more comfortable in it, your kids will be able to be themselves.  What makes an image better than comfortable people?!  Um nothing.

“I don’t think the lighting is great inside our house…”

Ok so there are some houses where lighting is an issue, yes, HOWEVER, that is why you pay for a good {or a fabulous haha} photographer who knows how to handle all lighting conditions.  All of a sudden, the lighting is a non issue.

I also have a thing about wanting to capture the lighting and feel and color that exists in the rooms in my house.  In my living room there is a very warm light and while I am not as crazy about it in every image, it is the way it is and I do want to preserve that, for at least posterity’s sake ;) So those dark rooms – embrace the darkness and FIND the light in the room.  There is  a lot of beauty in shadows and darkness.

“What in the world are we supposed to wear?!?”

*Spoiler alert – the next series will be TOTALLY about this topic {as well as styling – are you excited yet?!}*

This is a very personal decision.  These are YOUR images.  You get to hang them on your wall, put them in a book, use them as your profile picture, do whatever your heart desires with them.  So guess what – YOU have to feel GOOD in whatever you decide to wear.

I find that for at home sessions it is best to wear what is totally normal for you and your family.  This is where I will tell you truly that anything goes.  You can be as dressy or as casual, as matched or mismatched as you want to be and it is totally fabulous.  {this will be covered in detail down the road… stay tuned}

“When is the right time for an in home session?”

Is there a bad time?  I don’t think that I can come up with a bad time.  Truly it is freezing this moment of your life in time.  Do I think you should do it every year?  Um maybe not.  Do I think you should do it every other year?  Probably so.  Do I think that if you have gone 5 years has it been too long?  Yes I absolutely do.  Within 5 years time in the life of a family think how much changes.

What was once a play room with stuffed animals, building blocks, play kitchens is now a full fledged game room with legos, ipads, ping pong tables… it happens fast, my friends, trust me.

“Will we do posed pictures as well as more ‘lifestyle’ shots?”

YES!  This is the whole point.  While I love a good snuggly posed picture with everyone in the center of the frame and looking all fabulous I also LOVE the moments that are right before or right after that.  The moments that happen that are totally unexpected.  Those images help to tell the full story.  That is what we are going for – we don’t want just the magazine cover, if you will, but we want all the juicy details that go INSIDE the magazine.

I truly believe that one of the most treasured gifts we can give our children is the gift of pictures.  Think about when you go to your parent’s or grandparent’s homes.  Don’t you love looking through old pictures?  Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen the different things that they did in their homes with their families growing up?  Things that were so personal and SO them.  The couch they all cuddled on together to watch movies or the kitchen table that they loved to play board games on.

I truly believe that a lifestyle session in your own home is something that each family should think about gifting to themselves.  If I get the pleasure of working with your family my hope is that you walk away with images that you can treasure and share for years to come of a time that changes much sooner than we would ever like it to.

Some of my favorites from recent at home sessions…

and one from my own home of my regal little model ;)  one of the perks of being at home is that every single family member can be in the session  and fyi this is the room that photographs so warm ;) looks like a light box to me!

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {colorrrrrrrrrr} Pleasure Pier photographer; Family photographer; Houston, Tx photographer; Galveston, Tx photographer; Kids photographer; Kingwood, Tx photographer

I have always loved shooting at the beach.  I mean – my family LOVES the beach – so it’s a given that something that you love personally will translate into something that you love to photograph.

Same goes with color.

I LOVE color – and what better place to find color all around you than at an amusement park?!  Put that amusement park on a pier overlooking a beach – um yeah sign me up!

From the moment I talked to this momma on the phone I knew that this session would be epic and it totally lived up to my expectations and then some!  I cannot say enough about how much I love everything about these.  They make me happy happy happy!

If they make you happy too this is a location on the calendar for the spring!  May 16th and 17th I will be doing beach and pleasure pier sessions.  Pricing is as follows -

Beach sessions – 30 minutes, approximately 30-40 digital images for you to print to your heart’s content {$495}

Pleasure Pier sessions – 1 hour, approximately 45-60 digital images for you to print to your heart’s content {$595} *you will have to pay for your entrance onto the pier

If you are interested please send your email to FabulousLinds@gmail.com

Also I have one more spot open on Saturday for the Valentine’s minis and 1 on Sunday.  Snag it by emailing FabulousLinds@gmail.com

and then one from later that evening that I love – just because the sun goes away doesn’t mean you put your camera down

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay ♥

F a c e b o o k