FABULOUS OCCASIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: {Just for fun…} Moore family; Elf on the Shelf

So Hello! I’m Lindsay… did you forget about me? ;)

This holiday season was by far the busiest ever! Not only was Fabulous Occasions totally pushing the fabulous envelope, but it seemed like our personal lives were just as crazy! I certainly cannot complain, and tend to thrive in all of the activity, but I do have to admit that it has taken some time for me to recoup from it all!

I have been busy enjoying my family and prepping for what is sure to be the biggest year ever around here and I am totally excited about what is to come!

I have a whole fabulous pile of announcements coming this month and they will start within the next few days! Totally fabulous stuff!!!!!

For now though, I want to share what became quite the popular little thing! ;) If you follow the blog you know that I had posted that Elfie Moore was back this year to play with the Moore kids a bit. If you are not familiar, Elfie Moore is our ELF ON THE SHELF.  Well, I must say that Elfie Moore took on a total unexpected life of his own! I started to share on Facebook and actually would get emails asking what he was up to that day. If you can believe it I was stopped while I was out and about numerous times with people wondering about Elfie Moore! So…. I thought I would share an image from each day that he was with us this year on the blog in case anyone missed out! :)

To see more images, please visit the Fabulous Occasions Facebook page – and while you are there go ahead and push that ‘like’ button. I promise it is so not painful AT ALL! :)

Peace, Love and Fabulous

(a soon to be total fabulous blogging fanatic) Lindsay ♥


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September 28, 2012 - 6:56 pm

FABULOUS OCCASIONS: {The time has come…} Houston, Texas photographer; Kingwood, Texas photographer » Fab-Oh! - [...] And did you know that it is only 56 days until Elfie Moore returns??!?!? (here he is from 2010 and 2011) Am I the only one that is absolutely GIDDY about that?!?!?!? I mean, he has had an entire [...]

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